• STAT Mentors is not endorsed by ACER, QTAC, TISC or SATAC

    • This means that you will complete two tests – The STAT Multiple Choice (MC) test AND The STAT Written English test (which are both broken down below):

      • The STAT Multiple Choice (MC) Test (two parts)

        • 70 multiple-choice questions
        • 2 hour test, plus 10 minutes reading time
        • STAT F & P are different multiple-choice versions, used by a small number of candidates applying directly to individual institutions.
        • Questions are in multiple-choice format with 4 response alternatives. Each question has only one correct response.

        Contained in the STAT Multiple Choice (MC) test are 35 Verbal (Critical) Reasoning questions35 Quantitative Reasoning questions which are explained below:

      • Part 1: Verbal / Critical Reasoning questions

        • 35 multiple-choice questions
        • The focus is on interpretation and understanding of ideas in language.

        Questions will require you to:

        • Identify the main idea in a passage OR
        • Interpret specific words and phrases OR
        • Paraphrase what is stated OR
        • Infer suggestions and deduce meanings

        The aim of the test is to include a balanced representation of a wide range of material and kinds of thinking. All of these questions are covered in the STAT Preparation Course.

      • Part 2: Quantitative Reasoning questions

        • 35 multiple-choice questions
        • The aim is to test your comprehension and application of information presented in scientific and mathematical contexts.

        Questions will require you to interpret:

        • Numeric OR
        • Symbolic OR
        • Spatial OR
        • Graphical form

        The focus is on your ability to interpret and apply information, and to use information provided for decision making and problem solving. All of these questions are covered in the STAT Preparation Course.

      • The STAT Written English test

        • Two essays
        • 1 hour test, plus 5 minutes reading time
        • Assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in writing.
        • Candidates are asked to respond to a choice of comments/prompts.
        • Each piece of writing is assessed independently by two markers.

        Markers evaluate each written piece in relation to the thought and content; structure and organisation; and expression, style and mechanics of the language. A variety of essay topics are covered as an add on to the STAT Preparation Course.