Free STAT Practice Test

Looking for a STAT Test example? The example STAT Test below will provide you with some STAT Test practice and an indication as you how you are tracking in preparation for your real STAT Test.

Test name: Free Practice STAT Test

Test Category: STAT Test example

Quiz explanation: The below STAT Test example includes the type of STAT questions that regularly appear in the real STAT Test. Have a go at completing the free practice STAT questions to gauge how you will perform during the actual STAT exam.

Time limit: 25 Minutes

Questions: 20 STAT Test Practice Questions

Format: The below STAT Test example contains STAT multiple choice practice questions. You must put down an answer before progressing onto the next question!

What you need: Before you start the free practice STAT test make sure you have a pen and some working out paper ready. The practice STAT test will start immediately (below) once you click ‘start quiz’. You are not allowed to use a calculator for this test!

Note: You must select an answer for all of the STAT practice questions. If you don’t know an answer, select one and move on (you won’t lose marks for getting an answer incorrect). As soon as you click ‘start quiz’ the practice STAT test will begin and the timer will commence (this appears at the top of the screen).

Results: Be sure to view your STAT test results, at the end of the quiz. You will be provided with a breakdown of your STAT test results and with an explanation of how to solve the questions. Take a look at our STAT Preparation Course which will thoroughly prepare you for all of the questions you will encounter during the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT Test) including the ones in this example STAT Test! To view your STAT test results click ‘View Questions’ once you have completed the quiz!